What is Mountiantop Removal?

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What is Coal?

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Sickening Effects

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A dirty way to power a country

Coal Isn't the Only Way to Keep the Lights On


The Appalachians are some of the oldest mountains in North America; they are also one of the most biologically diverse regions. It is undeniably a land filled with beauty. In these mountains you'll find towering waterfalls, huge cliff lines, dense evergreen forests and clear cascading streams. Life here is abundant. There are many living things that thrive only here. Our amazing natural land is something we should be proud and thankful for, something we strive to protect.

The Appalachian Mountains are rich with coal, and they are in grave danger. Strip mining is an ever growing industry. It is spreading like wildfire through these mountains. Mining companies are literally blasting away hundreds of mountain tops in order to reach the coal veins. Over 500 mountains so far have been destroyed! If this problem does not stop, this beautiful place filled with natural wonders will cease to exist.

We need to STAND UP! It's time for change.

Mountaintop Removal
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